Thursday, 2 July 2009

I am a senior too

KBU International College

Now is an exciting time for all of us! I can't believe that I am a senior now too. It is because I really doesn't feel like I have been coming to KBU International College for around 1 year. I remember getting my letter/acceptance package at my hometown, and ecstatatically opening it and read what is inside there. Haha! I was so lucky because Raymond got the same course as me. So, both of us together went to KL. I don't really love KBU College from the first time I visited. I even considered of going back to labuan to go for matriculation program. It was too late already. Raymond also feel like wanted to give up and choose petronas scholarship. Haha! After nearly 1 year here, I started to love the college for so many reasons. First, is the people that I found here. The people that become close to me really do become my best friends. They are my supportive group, I don's know what I would do without my amazing housemates or my great group of friends. They will go out with me on the weekends, watch Transformer together, and always out for tea breaks when I am tired of studying. Junior is coming today, what should we do?

Ming Chai said we should go for them. Go get them!!!

In your dreams , Ming Chai!


God bless!

Friday, 19 June 2009

I Miss You

I Miss You
By James & Janet
Looking at the sky,
The stars align,
An image of you,
In my eyes.
Your sweet smile,
Your funny jokes,
Your tight embrace,
Your hug,
Wishing you were here for me.
I miss you, darling.
Though I see you daily,
From visions of the past.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kapit 8-10 June 2009

Sandy, Janet, James and Andy.
Sandy, Andy and Janet.

Amazing trip! It was Sunday, Andy and I decided to go to Kapit on Monday. I was the one who insisted of going to Kapit. I think I was mad and insane that time. I never thought of going to Kapit, I guessed it was really God’s plan for me. Hehe! Well, some of you may wonder why I go to Kapit. Ok! The reason is very simple, I went to Kapit to meet with one of my friends, whose name is Janet. Ya!!! She is a girl not a boy. Amazing right? Never thought of James Ton will do such things, right? Haha! Ya! I myself also feel unbelievable. At first, I told her that I will go to Kapit tomorrow, which was Monday. She was shock! She thought I was kidding, same goes to Andy. I kept on insisting him that I was serious about it! At last, Andy agreed to follow me.
On Monday, Andy and I took express to Kapit on 7.30 am. We arrived at Kapit around 10 am, since I had nothing to do inside the express, I switched on my laptop and listen to the music. When we arrived, Janet was there already, waiting for us. She brought us to her house. After settling everything down, she brought us to eat roti canai. The roti canai was special, I thought it could only be found in Kapit. Kapit was just a simple and ordinary town. Although it was simple, actually it was a nice place to live in. People there seem to know each other well. It was totally different from KL. After that, we went back to her house again. We ate our lunch together with her family. Her mum home-cooked meal was really nice,made us drool and stomach rumble. Chicken soup! Really felt thankful to her mum. Then, we went to play badminton together, it had been ages since I last touched my racket. However, when I first started playing badminton, the feeling was still the same. It was still James Ton. My skill was still there. Even feel much more powerful. Haha! It was really enjoyable to play badminton with them ( Andy, Janet, and Sandy). Later, we went to visit the church in Kapit. The church was located high up on the mountain. I managed to walk around the church and took some photos. At the same time, I enjoyed myself looking at Sandy and the children practiced singing a song. Janet was a pianist. I have never heard such powerful and confident vocal. It was really a nice performance. Good luck!

Janet and James.

Cool le!

The place where accident took place.

At night, around 9 pm, we decided to ride motor to go to eat rojak. Sandy fetch Janet. I fetch Andy. Something really terrible happened in my life. I was trying to ride my motor up to the mountain. At first, I use gear 3 to go up, but then I change my gear to gear 2. However, Andy and I sense that with gear 2, it was impossible to go up. The engine sound like going to burst soon. So, I changed to the first gear. Something unexpected happened, once I changed to gear 1, I lost control and the front tyre was above my head. You could imagine how serious the situation was. I was pushed by the resultant force of the motor. I fell down into the drain with my back lying on the ground. Andy was safe, he quickly ran towards me and helped me up. At that moment, I was blank and blur. After a few seconds, I could feel my left hand was in excruciating agony. Then, I started to feel dizzy. I felt unsteady and losing my balance. Janet and Sandy was shock to see me like that. Later, Sandy sent me to the hospital. The nurse helped to clean my wound and I was given an injection. After all, everything was fine. My body was still in good condition. No bone was broken, no internal bleeding. I could still crack jokes with my friends and janet’s mum. They were really shocked and worried about me. I still could remember that I keep on telling them that, “I am fine.”, “I am ok.”, “don’t worry.” I really felt sorry to let them feel worried and unsafe that night. Anyway, I managed to crack joke and said that with that wound I will look man a bit. Haha!
The next day, we went to eat breakfast together. During noon time, we went to the stream. We took a lot of photos together. We really enjoyed ourselves and spent our time chit-chatting with each other. At night, Janet’s mum brought us to eat rojak to complete our mission. I finally ate that rojak, it was really nice and special. After that, her mum brought us around the whole Kapit. She drove up the mountain and down again. It was really amazing and the cool air was really relaxing. It could only be found in Kapit. Andy and I went back to Sibu on Wednesday morning. Overall, my friends and I really enjoyed ourselves a lot. I also need to thanks God for his guidance and blessing during this holiday.I believe, someday, when I am old, I will look back on this moment as the happiest time in my life. God bless!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Windows 7, Durian Cheesecake

I just realized that I actually didn't post anything in the last 2 weeks. So, today I decided to spend some time to upgrade my blog. I have been busy with loads of assignment and test..etc. A lot of things have been happening recently. First, is about my laptop. I have been formatting the hard drive for 4 times, I need to thank one of my friends " Mustakin" for teaching me how to format a laptop hard drive. At first, I change my windows form Vista to windows 7. Unfortunately, due to first hand experience, I fail to upgrade the laptop. So, I have no choice but to reformat again, and all my important data was gone including my 30G of songs. Haiz! Then, I try Windows XP, reformat successfully but I don't have the driver for XP. Next, change back to Vista again. After an hour, I felt like wanted to try Windows 7 again. Haha! This time I finally manage to download the Windows 7. To comment about Windows 7, it is a trial version till next year March, much better than Vista, lighter and faster. The theme looks good on Windows 7 Utimate. During this couple of weeks, I have to finish two BIG assignments and 3 tests . I was tired and lack of sleep. I wish to sleep till late late, but I can't. Today, I finally can release all the stress and distraction. I went to Midvalley, Low Yat again, and watch X-Men Origins Wolverine in cinema. I also went to eat 1 set of chicken cordon and one slice of durian cheesecake at Secret Recipe. Pure fresh durians and cream cheese, this is what I call real durian cheesecake. Yummy....... God Bless!!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Susan Boyle

Britain's Got Talent 2009

Click this link to watch Susan Boyle, 47 years old, singing ' I dreamed a dream'. For me, I seldom watch anything in You Tube more than once but this time, I have watched it over and over again. It was really amazing and fantastic show. I even downloaded this video into my hard disk. At first, everyone is laughing at her but after the audition everyone is shock by her beautiful voice. So, from this video, I learn one thing . That is don't judge people by their appearance. Try to look at the video and look at how everyone turn speechless by her performance. If you go and listen to the original song, I think Susan voice is much better. I wish to see her next show and hope that she will produce a good performance and create another miracle. God bless!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Mission complete + Poem

I can't move, I am exhausted mentally and physically. I didn't stop moving from 10.30 a.m. till 7.00 p.m. I went to Low Yat Plaza to claim my mouse under the warranty. I feel so glad to get rid of that lousy mouse. Now, I have a new one. Haha! Finally, I got a gaming laser mouse for myself. About my new mouse, it have the adjustable weight cartridge, adjustable sensitivity, 7 buttons for me to click. After I got the mouse, then I went back home but before that I went to watch a poetry reading in One Utama with my friends. Okay, I need to rest now. Hope you relax and enjoy reading this poet by Bernie Yeo.

Through My window - Bernie Yeo

Through my window,
I see the rain,
I smell the earth,
I feel pain.
Through my window,
I hear children crying,
I feel her shiver,
people are dying.
Out my window I taste the breeze,
I see red comets,
the man is praying.
Through my window I smell the coming of the hall,
I feel upset,
I hear her langhter,
I taste fear on his mouth.
Out the window I see the sea,
I smell the damp earth,
people are dancing in the rain.
From my window, I cry sad tears, I smell gardenias, I think of you.


God bless!

Amazing night

I remember a night when I looked at the sky. There is no star on the sky. In KL, seldom the stars will come out at night. However, tonight it seemed to be different and the sky is full of stars. My friends and I spend around RM20 for our dinner in One Utama. All of us order the same food, " New York fish and chips." Hehe! After that, we went to the park just approximately 1 minute walking distance from our house. It was a special night, it have been quite a long time we didn't spend our time together and chit-chating among many things with each other. I believe everyone is too stress up with the Ausmat course and too many pressure due to the demands of the course. We all were worried about keeping our grades up so we could get into a good university and having a hard time balacing all the demands on our time: assignments, relationship....etc. Tonight, everyone wishes to relax. I myself was enjoying the night sky and allow all of my worries to fly into the expanse of the universe. It was truly an amazing night for all of us. God bless!